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Monday, 11 January 2016

Three Blinks On A Monday

I shook hands with Monday, its firm grip reminded me to force a smile. The kind of smile you give to someone who doesn't remember they owe you that favor or didn't answer the call when you needed them but they pretend it never happened.

As soon as Monday went to greet the others, I decided not to let it's cheery disposition ruin my own. Then I realized, that was the reason no one liked Monday. Monday didn't acknowledge what people felt entitled to.
I was always working on figuring out the things in others that made me cringe. Either coming to an understanding of the root cause of their behavior or simply seeing a reflection of myself in them, that I'd not really dealt with directly. Such diligence with the frailty of humans.
But to look at a day and see it like it were a greasy salesman who screws people over, was something new.

I put a face on Monday. A personality. And I realized Monday was like all the other days really. On the inside. The actions of Monday puts us at a defense because it presents itself with the prospect of a new beginning but never delivers up to the expectation. Then we compare it to laid back weekends and it leaves us wanting more.
Never in my life did I see this shift in perspective coming....

I turned around took a deep, long breath, made a big smile. I backtracked to where I'd left Monday, shaking hands with the teeth gritting, stiff bodied, crowds that came in hoards and droves. With the pointiest of point fingers, I tapped him on the shoulder of his suit. It was padded and he barely felt my urgency. I cleared my throat and said in a loud voice "Excuse me!!!"

Monday turned around completely surprised to see me twice in one day. The crowd stopped in their tracks. No sounds of slacks whipping together quickly to brush by and no clicking heels on shiny floors or paved sidewalk.

Me: "I just wanted to ask you..."
Monday: (In a panic sensing the confrontation that many have given)
"Look, Is this about.."
Me: "No. I'm not here to yell at you and give you the finger."
Monday: (Nervously looks back at the perfectly still crowd) "Aaam ok.. well, I... I sort of don't have a lot of time to.."
Me: "You have just as much time as every other day of the week."
Monday: "Yeah but..." (Gestures to the USUALLY angry crowd. Then realizes they are at a calm stand still, waiting to see what I have to say and is completely caught off guard by the standstill)
Me: "I just want a hug."
Monday: "What?"
Me: "I want to apologize for all the times I misunderstood you all these years. I want to apologize for me, and for everyone." (I look at  the crowd. Some are still looking at their shiny watches or phones wondering what the holdup is. Others hearts are fluttering and are  totally with me.) "Monday, I'm sorry. I was fake to you, I was mad at you and it was never your fault."
Monday: (Gets a little choked up and hugs me)

I drift above the scene and see the hearts of the teeth gritters melt. Three blinks later I realize that this whole time I was in a daze waiting for my coffee to percolate but I smile and I start my Monday.

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  1. You write such interesting and captivating stories. Keep it up!