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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Little Doctor Ninja

(This was an actual conversation I had with a little girl at a bus stop, on Canada Day 2014)

4 year old Little girl at the bus stop:

"You can take off your sunglasses, it's not sunny here... I don't have mine on and my daddy don't have his, so it's okay for you to take them off."

Me: *Takes off sunglasses* "Thank you, I didn't realize it wasn't sunny."
Little girl: *Points at the STOP RACISM pin on my purse* "What does that say?"
Me: "It says that you should be nice to people"
Little girl: "Why is it shaped like a hand?"
Me: "It is a way of saying stop... like saying STOP being bad and be nice"
Little Girl: *Points at the LGBT pin on my purse that says EQUALITY IS MY AGENDA* "What does that one mean?"
Me: "That one is also about being nice to people"
Little girl: "Why"
Me: "Because everyone likes when people are nice to them"
Little girl: "You sure have a lot of rainbow pins!"
Me: "Yup, Rainbows are my favourite color!"
Girls Father: "I'm sorry she asks a lot of questions"
Me: "That's ok, my good friend George Carlin told me that we should question everything"
Girls Father: *Laughs*
Little girl: *Sticks out her leg and says* "Sometimes I stretch and sometimes I don't"
Me: "I stretch a lot."
Little Girl: "Why???"
Me: "Because I am a ninja"
Little girl: "Why are you a ninja?"
Me: "Because that's what I wanted to be when I grew up"
Girls father: *Looks down, says*: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Little girl: "I WANNA BE A NINJA!"
Girls dad: "I thought you wanted to be a doctor? maybe we should get rid of your doctor toys???"
Little girl: "Yeah! I wanna be a ninja!!!"
Me: "Well you can be both! you could be a doctor ninja.. like a superhero! I'm a Jukebox ninja, so you can be a doctor ninja!"
Little girl: "What do Jukebox ninjas do?"
Me: "They play music and make people have fun"
Little Girl: "Daddy can I be a doctor ninja?"
Girls father: "I think that could work, you have to practice more on your trampoline though."
Girl: "I love trampoline!... *Jumps around then stops looks at my feet* Why are your socks and shoes two different colors???"
Me: "Because I have two different feet."

***We proceed to get on the bus... There is a woman with a baby in a stroller sitting next to the little girl***

Little Girl:
"Why do you have a baby???"
Woman *Looks at girls father* and says: "I don't... know how to answer that"
Little girl: "I'm four and my daddy is thirty five. I used to have a thing like that to ride in, but I grew up."
Woman: "You are still a baby."
Little girl: "I'm gonna be a ninja doctor when I get big but I have to stretch and trampoline first."

I  got off the bus with the biggest smile, the sun was beaming out of my face.

*Another conversion of a child's dream, from ordinary to extraordinary. Someday when I need my life saved 30 years down the road I will smile the same smile, with the sun beaming from my face, as the ninja doctor walks into the room.

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